Saturday, September 8, 2012

Two New Polls!

Two new polls are up! "Favorite LOTR/Hobbit animal?" and "Which is your favorite book/movie?" Please add your vote! The polls close in 36 days!

Character Drawings: Aragorn

Here are some amazing character drawings of Aragorn drawn by fans! Comment which one is your favorite.

LOTR Quote of The Week

"The filth of Saruman is washing away."



We have our winners for our two latest polls!

On "Which place would you visit first?" our winner is Rivendell! This beautiful elven city ruled by Lord Elrond is truly a must see, taking 4 of the 7 votes!

And on "If you had an army, who would be your general?" our winner is Aragorn! This strong, courageous ranger from the north proved his worth by leading the armies of men to victory multiple times, and he has won yet another victory taking 4 out of the 9 votes!