Monday, July 2, 2012

Character Sketch: Legolas

Name: Legolas
Race: Sindar Elf, though he lived among the silvan Elves.
Age: Not given, but estimated to be 2931 years old during the war of the ring.
Father: Thranduil, lord of the elven kingdom of Mirkwood.
Mother: Tolkien never mentions her or tells us her name.
Title: Prince of Mirkwood
Personality Traits: He is calm and calculating as well as kind and extremely brave. He is often reserved but likes a good game or challenge and can be quite cheerful.
Interesting Characteristics: He was most likely the best archer in Middle Earth at the time. He and his father both had blond hair which was unusual for sindar elves who normally had dark hair. In the Lord of the Rings books he loved to sing, and sang often. He is never portrayed as singing in the movies however. He had extremely good hearing and eyesight which were often an asset to the fellowship.
Spouse: None recorded.
Also Know As: Legolas Thranduilion (meaning Legolas son of Thranduil), and Legolas Greenleaf (possibly a nickname, the name Legolas meaning green leaf)
Portrayed by: Orlando Bloom  



  1. I see that you did said many good things about Legolas my queen.....I'm not gonna go there....not in public that is. I'll tell you when I see you next week. :o)

  2. Haha! Well, there are many good things about him! And I did add more to Aragorn's so they are about even now. I do appreciate your discernment Elvithien. :D See you next week!

  3. hey emma, nice blog! even though i cant understand a single thing on here lol. our lotr bash nxt week will be interesting;)


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