Monday, July 30, 2012

LOTR Personality Quiz

Here is a Lord of the Rings personality quiz that was written by my good friend Huclya. Find out which member of the Fellowship you are most like. Enjoy! You can post your result in a comment if you would like.

Lord of the Rings Personality quiz
Which member of the Fellowship is most like you?
1.  How do you feel about the ring?
A.   I hate it soo much and yet I feel a strong pull towards it sometimes
B.   I utterly despise it and it grieves me so much to see someone seduced by its power
C.    I am willing to fight to the death if need be to save my friends from its power
D.  I may not be a fierce and brave warrior, or know much about it, but I love my friends and will fight as much as need be to defeat Sauron and his awful Ring
E.   I want to get rid of it so badly, for I am very aware of long term consequences of the ring, and I will give all to save Middle Earth
F.    DEATH to the Ring and Sauron, and while we’re at it, the ORCS!! Yeah, bring it on!!!
G.  I want my friends to succeed, but I honestly think the Ring could be used for good.
H.   Honestly, I would rather stay in the Shire and drink ale from the Green Dragon and enjoy life, but if something is threatening my friends, I have to fight for them!
I.     I believe this whole quest was meant to happen, and I will do all in my power to save the brave hobbits from its seducing power
2.  How much do orcs scare you?
A.   They are ugly and I must admit, I shake in fear when I see one.
B.   Yuck! It is sickening to watch them and yes I’m afraid, but I think I’m a bit smarter than most of them
C.    Not at all, well except some of the Urik-Hai. They are easy to kill, and many of them have no brains
D.   They are evil, and ugly, and TERRIFYING! If I see one I get terrified. But hey, I can take them
E.   When you have a trusty elven bow, they pose no threat.
F.    I enjoy killing them! If only to beat my friend in an orc killing competition.
G.   I’m not really afraid but their arrows scare me. (for a good reason.)
H.   One word. AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I.      I don’t get scared of orcs, they get scared of me.
3.  So what was your favorite part of the journey?
A.   When the ring was finally destroyed. I had never felt so relieved in all my life
B.   When Sam was called brave by Frodo
C.    When Aragorn got married to the best elf in the world!
D.   When Merry and Pippin found all that food after the battle of Helm’s Deep. Yum!
E.    When Legolas killed an oliphaunt.
F.     When Gimli beat Legolas in an orc killing competition. He still denies he beat him
G.   The Council of Elrond. I think Boromir had many good ideas.
H.   When Pippin sang a song for Denethor. He has an amazing voice!
I.     When Gandalf defeated Saruman. I felt that was helpful in many ways.
4.  How long can you go without food?
A.   I can go a long time if I have to, but it is very hard
B.   I try not to go too long. I like to bring my cooking things with me!
C.   I think more about helping the Fellowship than I do about food.
D.   Not long at all. I mean, I’m always eating!
E.   One bite of lembas can keep me going forever!
F.    Well, I do enjoy food. Sadly, I don’t think we had nearly enough on our journey
G.  I don’t care much about food. I spend most of my time trying to knock some sense into everyone’s head!
H.   Are you kidding!!! I can’t go ANYWHERE without breakfast, second breakfast, elevensies, luncheon, afternoon tea, dinner and supper!
I.     Food does not concern me. That was an odd question.
5.   So, if you could describe yourself in one word, what would it be?
A.   Persistent
B.   Loyal
C.   Brave
D.  Stubborn
E.   Energetic
F.    Tough
G.  Smart, but most would say I’m idiotic
H.  Humorous
I.     Magical
6.  Anyways, ale! Do you like it?
A. Yes, very much! I’m sad I didn’t get to have it on my journey at all.
B. Definitely. Especially on special occasions.
C. Not really….. its humorous to watch the hobbits drink it!
D. Yes! Especially from the Green Dragon
E. I hate it! But it has no negative effect on me.
F. Oh, yes! Quite tasty. (maniac laugh.)
G. It can be nice at times… those days when you need a reminder that life is good.
I. I do not drink it. It’s just not…. My taste
7. If you could have any modern thing, what would it be?
              A. A journal. It would be nice to write everything down wherever I am.
              B. Flower seed packets. I love gardening!
             C. A cell phone. I could talk to Arwen anytime, anywhere.
              D. gum. I like to always be chewing on something.
              E. Running shoes. I like to go long distance
             F. A chainsaw! Just think of how many orcs I could kill with that!
             G. A lawyer. Hey, no one likes my ideas!
             H. Potato chip bags. I always need something to eat.
              I. A car! I could get where I need to go much faster! Sorry, Shadowfax.

8. So, romance! Do you think you will ever marry?
A. No, I come from a family of bachelors, and I prefer a quiet life.
B. Yes, very much! I already know who it will be!
C. I sure hope so. I know an elf I deeply love and would do anything        for!
D. Well, I might. We will have to see.
E. If someone catches my eye…..yes.                                     
F. NO: I don’t think there’s anyone suitable for me.
G. If I make it through the journey alive! (I have my doublts)
H. How could anyone resist my charm and wit, not to mention my amazing singing voice!
I. No, That would be very weird, and I won’t get into the reasons why.

9. SO, we hear your epic adventure has been turned into a 
movie: Who is your favorite actor?
A. Elijah Wood: He has the most amazing blue eyes I have ever seen!
B. Sean Astin: He portrays a loyal hobbit well.
C. Viggo Mortenson: He is brave and strong like I am.
D. Dominic Monaghan: He portrays a small but, brave hobbit well.
E. Orlando Bloom: He is very good looking like elves usually are.
F. John Rhys-Davies: He has that deep rumbling voice that shows the fierceness of a dwarf.
G. Sean Bean: He’s awesome EXCEPT it looks like in the movie that Boromir’s an idiot, which I can assure you  is NOT TRUE!
H. Billy Boyd: He has the same light hearted easy going personality as me! Not to mention his voice!
I: Ian McKellan: He is just like Gandalf should be.

10. So, let’s say the journey’s over. What is the first thing you will do?
A. Write it all down!
B. Go back to gardening… I miss my garden.
C. Get married!
D. Sit down with my pipe and enjoy the simple life once again.
E. Go back to family.
F. Brag about my adventures!
G. I don’t think I’ll come back
H. Celebrate at the Green Dragon
I. Start another adventure!

      Mostly A’s : You are most like Frodo Baggins. A kind and perseverant hobbit, known to many as the Ring- Bearer, who had to go on the long and treacherous journey to destroy the Ring. He enjoys writing and going on adventures, though his favorite place to be is the Shire, where he lives.

Mostly B’s:  You are most like Samwise Gamgee, a hobbit commonly known as Sam. A simple gardener living in the Shire, Sam was unaccustomed to going on huge adventures, until he became part of the Fellowship. An extremely kind and loyal friend to Frodo, he was labeled by his friend, “Samwise the Brave.” He also enjoys cooking.

Mostly C’s: You are most like Aragorn, A very brave man with a kind heart. He is a ranger from the North but became King of Gondor after the journey. He married Arwen, an elf after the journey. Aragorn enjoys dangerous missions and is a risk- taker.

Mostly D’s: You are most like Meriadoc Brandybuck, commonly known as Merry. A hobbit from the Shire, Merry is fun loving, but is also dertermined and can be quite stubborn. He likes to help  his friends in any way he can

Mostly E’s: You are most like Legolas. Legolas is an elf prince from Mirkwood. He is very brave and kind and enjoys singing and is very energetic and never gets tired. He has sharp hearing and eyesight and is very observant and outgoing.

Mostly F’s: You are most like Gimli the Dwarf. Gimli is very strong and tough and never turns down an oppurtunity for battle. He used to hate elves but eventually became close friends with Legolas. He can be a bit grumpy on occasion, but enjoys missions. He loves his axe and  his hobbies are killing orcs, killing orcs, killing orcs…need I say more?

Mostly G’s: Unfortunately, you are most like Boromir. Boromir could be kind and courageous, but in his greed for the Ring, he turned out to be quite….idiotic. Boromir is an example of a man, who driven by greed, can be quite crazy. However, he can be kind sometimes. Take this quiz again when you have changed your ways… sorry, it’s the truth. (Either you are greedy, or misguided to end up with mostly G’s.or….some other weird reason.)

Mostly H’s:  You are most like Peregrin Took, commonly known as Pippin. A hobbit from the Shire, Pippin is best friends with Merry and is very cheerful and sometimes hyper. Pippin can be foolish and mischievious but also very kind and near the end of the journey, brave! Pippin loves ale and pipeweed, but also enjoys well, eating. A LOT.

 Mostly I’s: You are most like Gandalf, a totally awesome wizard!!!!!!! He helps the Fellowship in many ways and is powerful and strong, and can be quite cheerful on occasion and is extremely kind and generous. CONGRATS on being like the best character EVER!!


  1. I'm a mix of everyone except Aragorn, unfortunately.


  2. Yay! you posted my quiz! I am most like Pippin :)

  3. i am a mix of aragorn, legolas, and a little bit of frodo. they are probably my three fav. characters too!!!

  4. For those of you who care, I am most like Legolas. That should not surprise those of you who know me well. :)

    1. nope not at all! :) my results didn't surprise me. i'm always a mix and they r my three fav. characters, so i guess i think more towards the same way they do..


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